The Most Common Juicing Questions I Get

Everyone new to juicing has questions, I know because I was new to juicing not that long ago too.

In fact, almost every question addressed on this blog is something I wondered myself when I first started out. The only difference is that I took a lot of time to research and compile the answers to those questions so that it is easier for you and others to get started in the juicing movement too!

In my home the very first main question I had (and my wife posed) had to do with the health effects of eliminating fiber from everything we ran through a juicer.

As it turns out lots of fiber is lost in juicing but some of the soluble fiber from just about everything remains and if juicing is just part of your diet most people don’t have much to worry about.

Other things I discovered in my journey had to do with the dramatically reduced shelf life of juiced fruits and veggies compared to their stable “non-juiced” states.

Basically if you take a piece of produce and juice it the nutrients start oxidizing quickly and even in the best refrigerated conditions most foods must be consumed in just a few days at most!

And what about all that pulp?

It can’t all just be trash can it?

If you have the same questions I did (and I think you probably do) I think you’ll like my comprehensive look into those topics and others which are all linked below.

In fact I think you’ll find a lot of these posts super useful so please dig in and read as many of them as you can handle in one sitting… and then come back tomorrow for another helping. 🙂

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