Does Juicing Remove Fiber From Fruits and Vegetables?

By | June 14, 2018
Does Juicing Remove Fiber

One of the very first concerns my wife had when I told her I wanted to start juicing had to do with the amount of fiber that is lost when using a juicer.

In fact one of the common complaints or concerns most people have in regards to juicing has to do with the lost fiber. People regularly ask any combination of the following questions:

  • Doesn’t juicing remove all the fiber from fruits and vegetables?
  • Does juice have fiber in any amount?
  • How do yo get fiber while juicing?

At first I told my wife I wasn’t sure but I would look into it and this is what I found.

Juicing does in fact remove almost all of the insoluble fiber from both fruits and vegetables but roughly 20% of the soluble fiber remains. For most people who juice to supplement their diet (or to simply be more healthy) they are getting enough fiber elsewhere in their diets to stay healthy and regular.

Some juicers are better at retaining both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Click here to find out which juicers preserve the most fiber.

Is There Fiber in Juiced Vegetables and Fruits?

There is plenty of fiber in juiced vegetables and fruits but a lot less than you would get if you were to eat the whole raw food in its entirety.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that nearly all insoluble fiber is lost when something is juiced but roughly a quarter of the soluble fiber remains because soluble fiber dissolves into water, or in this case the juice that is extracted from the fruit or veggie.

One navel orange for instance has roughly 3 grams of dietary fiber according to My Fitness Pal – roughly 1-gram insoluble to 2-grams soluble.

After juicing though a full cup of fresh squeezed orange juice has a full gram of soluble fiber in it.

In my home it takes me roughly two navel oranges to get 8 ounces of juice so a full three quarters of the soluble fiber was lost while nearly all of the insoluble fiber was lost.

This brings me to a couple of your next most obvious questions:

  1. How Much Fiber Do You Need Anyway
  2. Whats the Difference Between Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber

If you didn’t follow either of those links then lets dig deeper to learn more about the fiber that is lost to the pulp bin.

What Type of Juicer Retains the Most Fiber


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