Head-to-Head Juicer Comparisons: Slow, Fast, & Citrus Juicers

When you know you want to buy a juicer and you’ve already narrowed in down to a single brand or to a few different models it can help to do a head-to-head product comparison to help make the final decision.

Below you’ll find a list of all the head-to-head juicer comparisons I’ve published to date.

I’m sure many of you will find these helpful because it’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for when I got into juicing back in the summer of 2018.

The Comparisons Start Here

Omega’s NC800/900HD vs Omega’a NC1000HD: The Differences Explained
The NC800 & 900HD juicers came out in 2014 and the NC1000 was released in 2020 with a slightly more powerful motor. See this post to learn more.

Comparisons Coming Down The Pipeline

► Omega NC800/900/1000HD Series Juicers vs The Omega J8006HD Juicer
The J8006 juicer is an older model (4th Generation) than the NC series juicers (6th Generation). It is cheaper but what do you sacrifice by opting for it?

► The Omega J8006HD Juicer vs The Omega J8008
The difference between the 4th Gen J8006 and the 5th Gen J8008 is subtle. Let me explain.

► The Omega TWN30 Twin Gear Juicer vs the Omega NC1000/900/800HD Juicer Series
Is the twin gear auger better than the single gear augers from the popular NC line?

Which Brand Makes the Best Juicers?

In many cases you will do just fine with any any premium juicer from any of the premium brands – deciding on which brand family to go with however can be tricky however.

Below you’ll find a summary of each major juicer brand along with links to direct comparisons of one company to another.

Here is the brand comparison pipeline as it now stands.

► Omega Juicers vs Huron Juicers
► Omega Juicers vs Breville Juicers
► Breville Juicers vs Huron Juicers
► Kuvings Juicers vs Huron Juicers
► Kuvings Juicers vs Omega Juicers
► Kuvings Juicers vs Breville Juicers